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Candidate for the position of KCL Aviation and Space Medicine Society (ASMS) - Treasurer

Image for Hozafa Ali

Hozafa Ali

My name is Hozafa Ali and I am applying for the role of Treasurer for the KCL Aviation and Space Medicine Society. The main reason I have decided to continue being a part of KCL ASMS stems from my interest in space, and how the human body changes in flight environments. What perhaps makes this field even more exciting is the potential advancements for the future, such as trying to manufacture sustainable habitats on other planets. It is this intrigue, combined with my desire to work with society members who have similar interests, which encouraged me to apply for the position of Treasurer this year.

In terms of prior exprience, I was the Sponsorship Officer for KCL ASMS during its first year. Over this time, I managed to secure £432 funding from 4 external sponsors, as well as conference partnerships with 3 further sponsors. Given that this was the primary year of the KCL Aviation and Space Medicine Society, any funding we received was highly important for the running of future events. I am hopeful that securing these sponsorship agreements can act as a starting point for all committee members next year, while also providing me with transferable skills for the role of treasurer. Additionally, one of the sponsorships which I arranged with the MDU has now given us the opportunity to write an article about the prospects of space medicine. This will hopefully help to increase awareness of our society, encouraging more people to join in future years. Aside from this, I have always made an effort to attend society events this year in order to show support for the committee.

In terms of what I am hoping to learn from being Treasurer, it would be interesting to uncover how to manage finances to ensure the successful running of future society events. Although my role will mainly be focussed on finance, I would be open to suggesting other activities which could be conducted throughout the remainder of the year. Overall, it would be an incredible opportunity to be part of a team which organises memorable events in a subject which greatly interests me.