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Candidate for the position of Cineaste Society - President

Image for Sara CANELLI


Bringing cinephiles of all interests together, and offering something for everyone. P.S. the debate afterwards will be half the fun!

Hello! My name is Sara Canelli and I'm a soon-to-be third-year Politics student (who should've studied Film Studies) running for President of the Cineaste Society.

I've always believed that film, more so than any other medium, is the most capable of accurately depicting the various complexities of human life. Although there's a certain charm to simple, straightforward films (assuming that those even exist), the true magic lies in those often controversial films that inspire conflicting interpretations and bring out something different in each of us. It is through these films that we learn the most about ourselves, and how we perceive the world. Knowing this, I would love the opportunity to put together a list of films that will inspire, terrify or provoke any other profound emotion in each and every one of you! My exhaustive list (which is in the making) will be well-rounded and diverse; it'll touch on various issues and will surely include something for everyone. Whether you're an active participant or a mere listener, you'll enjoy the orderly yet free-flowing debate afterwards; although I'll prepare a set of discussion questions and occasionally steer the conversation in a certain direction, I really want to hear what you thought of the film and what it brought out in you! 

Moreover, aside from my pre-prepared list, I'm interested in taking some of your recommendations (whether that's a genre or an individual film). I'd also be interested in showcasing various non-English films (particularly from the Middle East) that you might have not encountered before (with English subtitles of course!) 

For those wanting a preview, some of my favourite Western directors include Lars Von Trier and David Lynch. A recent film I watched that absolutely changed my life was Charlie Kaufman's 'I'm Thinking of Ending Things'. I also absolutely adored 'The Clouds of Sils Maria' (yes, it turns out Kristen Stuart isn't as bad of an actor as she had led us to believe in the past). I could go on and on but I'll stop here. 

Thank you and I hope you consider voting for me for the role of President!


Sara Canelli