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Candidate for the position of ASEAN Society (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) - President

Image for Alessia GARCIA

Alessia GARCIA

Up until 9 hours ago, I had no thoughts of running for any committee positions within ASEAN. As a third year PPL student on my exchange year, my sole focus going back to King's was to make sure I aced my remaining law modules. But, after speaking with Lauren Yiew, I quickly realised that the only reason my second year (during lockdown) was any fun was because of KCL ASEAN. So, I knew for my final year, even if I wasn't connected much to our members this year, I wanted to try and be part of this amazing community one last time. 

Having thought about what my manifesto for literally 9 hours, I have not had much time to think about a set agenda for ASEAN. However, I do know that I want to continue the awesome traditions we have made so far:

- events such as murder mystery game night, halloween movie night, holiday charity events

- creating social media engagement through fun posts raising awareness about the various cultures of SEA

- restaurant outings!

- PODCAST. I am very passionate about this! Possibly a newsletter as well! 

It is also my goal to hopefully be able to put together more career related events (hopefully in person!) and also fun mini retreats/excursions for the committee and subcommittee. 

As everyone can see, my manifesto is not the most detailed or specific. But I pledge to be as open to as many ideas and criticisms within the committee as possible. Contributions are welcome! I loved being a subcom working with External Relations last year (shoutout to Nurul and Joan!). I loved how Berli and Pb managed the team, making all of us feel welcome and valued. I would like to emulate that. I want to be a part of KCL ASEAN not only because I would like to further the goals that those before me have began, but because I know that it will be the most supportive community I could ever have by my side for my final year.