Building a Better Union

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Building a Better Union

We're building a better Union for all our members! This underpins everything we do and is a key part of our Big Plan. The Big Plan is a 5 year strategy that's been guiding all our activities since 2014. In it, we outline the following goals, which includes how we're treating our spaces:

What the Big Plan says: 

By 2019, we'll have:

2.1 physical spaces and virtual technologies so members can connect with our Students’ Union in ways that suit us all

2.2 used our influence and resources for better student spaces in campus redevelopments so that members have places we can all be proud of and get together in.

2.3 brought members together across King’s and the wider student community in London through an academic and social events programme so members have a more enriched student experience.

2.4 worked with volunteering, student activity groups, societies and sports clubs to offer a programme of one-off activities so every member has the opportunity to get involved without having to make a regular commitment.

2.5 brought members together in community spaces they feel are theirs.

2.6 made sure that as a Students’ Union we act, look and sound in a way that everyone understands who we are and what we do so that members feel a greater sense of belonging to the organisation they lead.

What we're doing:

Designing or influencing the development of spaces at all our campuses where we can connect as a student body, access suport services, relax, study, eat and socialise. These plans are at varying stages of development. 

We're also developing our brand identity and digital spaces to make sure we're as accessible as possible to all our members and are communicating clearly and conveniently.