Associate Membership

KCLSU Associate Memberships

Whether you're a King's graduate, a student at another university or a staff member at the King's, you can participate in our clubs and societies as an Associate member. If you become a KCLSU Associate Member, you will be able to;

  • access to all KCLSU spaces and study rooms across several campuses
  • Have access to all KCLSU events, bars, shops and restaurants
  • Purchase a student-rate gym and membership and access King’s gyms in Waterloo, Strand and London Bridge
  • Join any of the 300+ student societies and sports clubs
  • Have the opportunity to meet and engage with a wide range of students

Membership Length

Your membership will always expire on the 31st of July. To maximise this opportunity, ensure you get in early and purchase your Associate Membership as early as possible in the academic year.

How to Apply & Purchase

Make the most of KCLSU's 300+ student societies and sports clubs even when you're not a KCL student! For just £25 for the whole academic year, you can access our campuses, events, bars, restaurants, sports clubs*, societies*, and KCLSU study spaces. Any current student in the UK is eligible for this offer, as well as KCL alums, students from partner international universities and KCL & KCLSU staff. *Sports club and society membership prices vary and are required in addition to the associate membership fee.

  1. Choose the activity group or sports club you'd like to join
  2. Contact the President to confirm they're happy for you to join and ask for a digital letter of recommendation (we need this for our verification records)
  3. Create a profile on
  4. Submit your details via the Associate Membership Registration Form
  5. Wait to hear back from our Associate Membership Team confirming that we've authorised you to proceed
  6. Add your student group (non-student) membership to your basket (e.g. add the American Football Non-Student Membership to your basket)*
  7. When you reach the basket review screen, add the £25 KCLSU Associate Membership to your basket to proceed (you will also need to add Physical Activity Insurance if you don't already have it and the group requires it)
  8. Once you've completed the purchase, you will officially be a KCLSU Associate member and a member of your chosen student group. The KCLSU Associate member Team will let you know when your ID card (which gives you access to campuses and spaces) has been generated and is ready to be picked up.

Things to Remember / FAQ

I can't find the right associate membership.  Only some groups have Associate memberships, so please check that they do before you register to access the Associate Membership registration form.

'm unable to add the KCLSU Associate Membership to my basket  In this situation, you must still be authorised by submitting the Registration form.

I can't get onto campus.   Many of you will need access to campus to engage with your student group membership. It's essential to make sure you pick up your membership card, which will let you access KCLSU spaces.

I can't vote for the group president.  An. Associate membership to a student group will allow you to participate but not lead or represent that group. You will not be able to vote on the group leaders, run for election as the group leader or play for that group in a competitive setting.

I'm an associate member, but I want to buy a competitive membership   KCLSU Associate Members can only purchase Non-Student memberships to student groups.

I want to add an associate membership to my group; who do I contact? If you're a student group president who wants to add an Associate membership to your membership options - please get in touch with

More Information

To understand what benefits are available to Associate Members, have a quick read of our Associate Membership Policy. Please also refer to our West Wing Fire Evacuation procedure. If you have any questions please read our FAQs on Associate Membership, or contact'for more info.

Coaches and Instructors

All coaches and Instructors (including student coaches and volunteer coaches) do not need to become an Associate Member but are required to register with KCLSU here. Without registering, coaches and instructors will not be allowed access to KCLSU and KCL activity spaces.

Contact Us

Pop in or get in touch with one of our KCLSU Hubs or email us at

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