Our Governance

At KCLSU, the Trustee Board acts as the main governing body. As a registered charity and limited company, we have a group of trustees that lead the organisation on behalf of its student members. The Board exists to make sure KCLSU is financially stable, provides services to its members, and is sustainable and legally run.

To do this, KCLSU has a strategy that sets out its long-term plan to improve the experience of KCL students.

KCLSU is governed by its Articles of Association and Byelaws that set out the rules and regulations of how KCLSU makes decisions and selects it trustees, and how students can get involved.  We also publish the Governance Policies and Procedures, which gives further detail to the types of things the Trustee Board do throughout the year.

As a student-led organisation, the Trustee board is made up of the six student officers, four student trustees and four lay trustees. To find out who is on the KCLSU Trustee Board, click here.


As well as a Trustee Board, specific areas of KCLSU business is delegated to subcommittees. These are made up of trustees that meet in-between board meetings to discuss particular items. They are made up of KCLSU Trustees and a senior member of KCLSU staff. You can read about each committee below.

Audit & Risk Committee

The Audit and Risk Committee is responsible for the legal compliance of KCLSU. It oversees risk management, banking and financial process, complaints and external speakers.

Governance & Policy Committee

The Governance & Policy Committee looks after our democratic structures at KCLSU. It oversees the elections and campaigns, and monitors the student officers’ objectives.

Digital & Communications Committee

The Digital & Communications Committee provides effective strategic oversight of our digital and communications work, improves its effectiveness and our ability to evaluate the impact of our work.

HR Committee

The HR Committee is responsible for the full time and student staff policies and process at KCLSU. It has oversight on staff training and feedback, as well as making sure KCLSU is structured in the most productive way.

Performance Committee

The Performance Committee is the designated committee for monitoring KCLSU’s strategy. It also has responsibility for our financial performance, our commercial outlets and our membership services.

Policy Zone

You can find all KCLSU policies and procedures in the Policy Zone. These outline the detail of how we make decisions. This includes the annual report and accounts.

If you have any questions about our governance, you can get in touch with the Chair of the Trustee Board by emailing president@kclsu.org


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