KCLSU Networks

combat oppression, discrimination, and inequality faced by students from liberation communities on a local and national level
KCLSU Networks are representative communities who act as a platform to facilitate connection, collaboration and collective campaigning
We’ve got Liberation Networks to provide community, empowerment and representation to groups often marginalised in society.

About KCLSU Liberation Networks

KCLSU Liberation Networks are representative communities shaped and led by our affiliated societies, clubs and activity groups. Networks act as a platform that enable connection and collaboration between marginalised communities, empower students to create positive change and undertake collective campaigning. They exist to combat oppression, discrimination and inequality faced by King's students on campus and beyond. 

We have 8 Networks which are: Black Students, Disabled Students, Interfaith, International, First Generation, LGBT+ Students, People of Colour and Women. Any student who self-defines as a member of these communities is considered a member of their respective Network.

All our Liberation Networks consist of:

  1. Member Societies – these are societies who are formally affiliated to a Network and whose activity aligns with a Network's values and aims. Member Societies shape the direction and focus of a Network.
  2. A Network Committee – Network committees are made up of elected representatives from Member Societies. They work alongside the Network Chair to undertake projects, campaigning and key decision making on behalf of the Network
  3. A Network Chair – all Network Chairs are elected from the committees of its Member Societies. The Chair leads the Network and collaborates with the Network committee to collectively set the vision and direction of the Network.

Networks hold King’s and KCLSU to account and ensure sure we are acting with liberation and inclusion in mind. Our Network Chairs are members of King's Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Forum and make up the KCLSU Liberation and Inclusion Union Development Committee.

Our Networks recognise the intersections of identity and as such, it is possible to self-define into one, some, or all of the Networks. As a result, Networks often collaborate together to achieve positive, powerful change for their respective communities.

Networks also help us celebrate Liberation History Months throughout the year; these include Black History Month, Disability History Month, Trans Awareness Week, Women’s History Month and LGBT+ History Month. You can learn more about applying for Liberation History Month Funding here.

Students pose for photo
"I was excited to form my team after the 2019 Autumn elections, work with KCL It Stops Here, tackle mental health issues by raising awareness, and to work with other women focused society to gain more opportunities for women!"

- Alicia Tan, 2nd year LLB Law

For any questions about our Networks, please contact our KCLSU Representation Team or the relevant Network Chair.

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