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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions our Hubs Team get asked the most. Take a look, it might answer your question.

Can I buy a membership for student societies and sports clubs?

Yes. You can buy membership for any society, activity group or sports club at Hubs. All we need is your name, student number or ‘K’ number. You can pay by either cash or card. Your name will then automatically be added to the group list that the group president has access to so no receipt is needed.

Can I pay money to my society, activity group or club’s account?

Yes but you need to be aware that if you pay money into the miscellaneous account then you will be charged tax. If you have raised money that you would like to pay to a charity it will be tax free. You can pay money into an account by either cash or card.

Can I book a room?

Rooms can be booked if you are affiliated to a student society activity group or sports club. Normally, we ask that seven days notice is given. You can book this online at This website can also be used to book a King’s room. All block bookings are normally done at the beginning of each term and cannot be made in advance of the current term.

Have any parcels arrived for my society, activity or sports club?

If parcels arrive for your group we will email you to let you know.

Can I please book a projector/AV cable/projector screen?

Yes. The person behind the Hubs desk will check availability and be able to book for you.

Can I contact a society, activity group or sports club President or Treasurer directly through you?

We have the same contact details for Committee Members that are available online. If they aren’t available online, or the President/Treasurer isn’t responding to enquiries, then you can let the Hub know and we can try and find out for you.

I want to book a stall/table at the Franklin-Wilkins building. How do I do this?

If you’d like to book a table in the common space of the FWB building, get in touch with the Waterloo KCLSU Hub:

If you’d like to book a table outside the library in Franklin-Wilkins Building, please use the Room Bookings form, for 'Book a King's Room'.

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