How to make a complaint



You can make a complaint to KCLSU relating to our events, spaces, activities, people, or ratified student groups (societies and clubs).

These may include complaints about:

  • Student Groups and their committees, members, or activities (societies, networks, sports clubs, associations);
  • Activities/misconduct taking place in KCLSU bars (licensed areas);
  • KCLSU staff or services;
  • KCLSU election candidates (please visit our election pages for further details on election complaints).

In some cases, you may be able to contact the student group direct to make your complaint, but if this is not possible, or you remain dissatisfied, KCLSU will consider your complaint under our Members Complaints Procedure.

Zero Tolerance Policy

KCLSU has a Zero Tolerance Policy against harassment, bullying and discrimination. Our “Safe Space” Policy also protects against discrimination or hate on grounds of the protected characteristics, as well as other areas of hatred or incitement to hatred.

Misconduct relating to KCLSU events, spaces, activities, people or groups

Misconduct usually refers to:

  • Behaviour that has a negative impact on other people;
  • Theft, misuse of funds or damage to property;
  • Actions that are in contravention of KCLSU's values and likely to damage the reputation of KCLSU or KCL;
  • Actions that knowingly or willingly expose KCLSU to threat of legal actions;
  • A failure to comply with KCLSU disciplinary penalties.

KCLSU powers

KCLSU’s ultimate power is to exclude a student from membership of the Union. This would prevent a student from joining any of the over 370 student activity groups, clubs and societies. Loss of Union membership also prevents students from using any of our popular social spaces and events, including our study spaces.

Ex-Members, or those with upheld complaints against them, are excluded from standing for any student leader position with KCLSU. The only rights remaining to excluded members are access to Advice and Support for Academic Representation (as required by King’s College London under the Education Act 1994).

In most cases of complaint to KCLSU, we aim to find a direct resolution – and where appropriate an apology or recognition that said behaviour may have caused harm, hurt or distress. KCLSU has a series of penalties that may be applied proportionate to the nature of the harm, such as:

  • Written warning of disciplinary action under KCLSU Members’ Disciplinary Procedure

  • Requests for letters of apology (to be conveyed via the Union to the complainant)

  • Requirement to complete Consent Matters and/or Active Bystander training

  • Bans from the Union – temporary or permanent

  • Bans from our licensed bars – temporary or permanent (preventing entry from our highly popular Guys Bar and The Vault)

  • Ultimately, referral to King’s Student Conduct and Appeals for serious offences (normally of a potentially criminal nature)

Other types of complaints

For complaints about activities in non-KCLSU spaces around the King's Campus or off campus, you may need to make your complaint direct to the University. If you are unsure where to make your complaint, or need further advice, please speak to your tutor in the first instance where possible. If you don't know who to contact, you can email and we will aim to put you in touch with the right person to help you. 

Complaints form

This simple reporting form is designed for those wishing to make a complaint to KCLSU. The identity of complainants is treated confidentially by KCLSU and will not be provided to any third party. If identity is required for the resolution of the complaint, this will be done only with the express permission of the complainant.

To assist us with finding a resolution we ask that you keep this complaint confidential and refrain from commenting on it in any social media posts, or exchanges with other students. Should you have any questions in advance of completing the form, please contact

Complaints Form

We understand that submitting a complaint can be a triggering and upsetting process. If you would prefer to submit your complaint via fillable PDF, please follow this link to download our questions. Once complete, please send the form to For further information on what you can expect throughout the complaints process, please refer to our Complaints Procedure.

  • Complaints about Student Groups and their committees, members or activities (societies, networks, sports clubs, associations)
  • Complaints about situations taking place in KCLSU bars (licensed areas)
  • Complaints about situations taking place in student spaces and cafes (non-licensed areas)
  • Complaints about KCLSU staff
  • Complaints about Election candidates

Advice and Support

We recognise that making complaints can cause distress and fear, and students may need assistance and support through making a complaint. The best place to seek help for student welfare, is through King’s Advice and Support service. This includes sources of guidance and support outside office hours.


We understand that it may not always be possible to achieve the outcome that the complainant is looking for.  However, we take all complaints seriously, providing the best support possible and assisting with signposting students to the best course of action depending on the issue or concern.

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