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Student Officers

Meet your Student Officers!

Student Officers lead KCLSU as Trustees (10 of our 14 Trustees are students), Organisers, Campaigners and Representatives.

  • As Trustees they oversee the work of the Students’ Union as a democratic charity, making collective decisions at the highest level along with other KCLSU Trustees.
  • As Organisers they support and empower King’s students to influence change in whatever matters to them.
  • As Campaigners they champion change and student activism on the matters they’ve been elected to voice.
  • As Representatives they amplify the voice of King’s students on their behalf to KCLSU, King’s College London and beyond.

As a democratic charity, we’re led by students for students. As well as your Student Officers there are also Student Reps and Student Councillors, all working to make sure that your views are heard and acted upon by KCLSU as your Students’ Union and the College. To find your Student Rep, contact your Student Councillors; or find out more about the ways you can get yourself represented by visiting our Representing You web pages.

Contact your Student Officers

Here you’ll find a short summary about what each of your Student Officers are responsible for and how you can get in touch. There’s also a link to their election manifestos that set out some of what they’ll be looking to do over the 2018/2019 academic year.

Shaswat Jain, President
Email: president@kclsu.org
Tweet: @kclsu_president

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Nakul Patwa , Vice President for Activities and Development
Email: vpad@kclsu.org
Tweet: @kclsu_vpad

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Gurbaaz Singh Gill, Vice President for Education (Arts & Sciences)
Email: vpeas@kclsu.org
Tweet: @kclsu_vpeas

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Rhiannon Owen, Vice President for Education (Health)
Email: vpeh@kclsu.org
Tweet: @kclsu_vpeh

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Nafiza Mamun, Vice President Postgraduate
Email: vpp@kclsu.org
Tweet: @kclsu_vpp

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Contact Us

Contact the Representation Team

Email representation@kclsu.org

Telephone 020 7848 4588