Room Bookings

Booking a room

Student groups can book a KCLSU or a King's room for activities, events, training, social and much more. Student groups can also hire our venues. Make sure you read through the Terms and Conditions before making your booking to make sure that understand how booking a room works. For support with running an event we've created some supporting documents - read through so you understand the necessary roles for running an event.

External Speakers 

We know that our student groups have a wide variety of events and some of these feature speakers from outside of King 's. In order to properly facilitate these external speakers, we ask that any student group which is bringing an external speaker on site reads our external speaker policy and notifies us. Requests must be submitted no less than 15 working days before the event (working days are Monday to Friday and do not include public holidays, Christmas and Easter).

In order to access this form you must have a committee membership for a society or sports club on your MSL record.

Please speak with your KCLSU activities team representative if you are unsure whether you have a committee membership.

Block Bookings

If you're a student group who has a regular activity you can do block bookings to make sure that our spaces are always available for your activity. Check out our block bookings page to find out more on how to do this.