Wellbeing at KCLSU

Wellbeing at KCLSU is all about discovering who we are and what makes us thrive. We all have incredible potential that we can fulfil best when our physical and mental wellbeing is flourishing.

We believe that by supporting, empowering and growing student-led spaces of wellbeing, we can create a happier, healthier community together at KCLSU and beyond.

Wellbeing at KCLSU is a partnership with student-led initiatives that focuses on using the holistic ‘King’s 5 Ways to Wellbeing’ as a framework to take a positive and proactive approach to our wellbeing.

Wellbeing Leads of Student Groups

Wellbeing Leads are responsible for considering and improving the wellbeing of their student groups. In order to do this, we require that they’re trained in basic mental health literacy, sign-posting and how to run wellbeing initiatives through the Student Minds' Look After Your Mate Training. The following is the next date, time and location of the training. Wellbeing Leads are required to attend.





Wednesday, 6 November 1:45pm-5pm Guys, KCLSU, Activity Room 3


Please tell us who your group's 'Wellbeing Lead' is by filling out this survey and signing up for the training with this link.

Wellbeing Week 2019 details confirmed

Wellbeing Week is happening from 4-10 November and is all about encouraging students to explore how they thrive. Because you’re all leaders in creating a community of positive wellbeing, we invite you to partner with us by running a Wellbeing Week event! The application deasdline is now closed. Please contact julia.haas@kclsu.org to see if you can still be part of Wellbeing Week. If you need funding to run your event, please apply for a Wellbeing Initiative in the next Development Fund application window.