KCLSU Networks

KCLSU Networks are student communities who exist to connect us, highlight current issues and empower us to act collectively to bring about change and make a difference.

Our KCLSU Networks are autonomous representative communities for students who KCLSU recognises, have been historically and continue to be marginalised within the student body and wider society in having their voices heard. KCLSU has 8 Networks at KCLSU for the following student communities: People of Colour, LGBT+, Disabled, and Women; International, First Generation, Mature and Family Network (Student Parents and Carers). Any student who self-defines as a member of these communities is considered a member of their respective Network.

Networks aim to combat oppression, discrimination and inequality faced by students on a local and national level through organising and collective campaigning and giving a space for students to connect with one another around issues that affect them. They also hold King’s and KCLSU to account and ensure sure we are acting with equality and inclusion in mind.

Our Networks are intersectional and this means they recognise the overlaps (or intersections) between different identities and the knock-on effects. It’s possible to self-define into one, some, or all of the Networks . As a result, Networks often work together to achieve the best results.

Who is part of a Network?

Each Liberation Network is made up of:

  • Any King’s students who self-define into the Network
  • An elected Network Officer
  • A Network Committee and Network Organisers
  • Affiliated student activity groups and campaigns

Networks also recognise and celebrate Liberation History Months throughout the year ; these are Black History Month, Disabled History Month, Women’s History Month and LGBT+ History Month.

Want to play a role in one of our Networks?


Check out the Networks below and click the sign up button to receive regular updates on how you can get involved and make a difference.

Contact us

For any questions about our Networks, the changes from ‘Associations’ or how to get involved – please contact our KCLSU Representation Team or the relevant Network Officer.