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How Can KCLSU Advice Support Me Over Exam Season?


As students, we often find ourselves faced with the daunting prospect of exams and assessments, a time when stress levels soar and the pressure mounts. However, amidst the flurry of revision notes and late-night study sessions, it's essential to remember that support is always available. The KCLSU Advice service has a variety of online resources you can look through, or you can reach out to the team for an appointment with one of our friendly caseworkers. 

Read more below about how KCLSU Advice can support you:  

Free and Confidential Support 

First and foremost, KCLSU Advice operates under the principles of accessibility and confidentiality. No matter your circumstance, seeking support from KCLSU Advice is always free. Moreover, anything you say will remain confidential, with no disclosure to external parties without your consent, except in emergencies outlined within the confidentiality agreement. 

Independent and Impartial 

KCLSU Advice has independence from King’s College London, ensuring that the advice offered is unbiased and solely focused on your welfare. Whether you're grappling with academic issues or personal challenges, KCLSU Advice provides neutral guidance, empowering you to make informed decisions that best serve your interests. 

Non-judgemental and Straightforward Guidance 

The Advice team are here for you as a non-judgemental support system, ready to listen to your concerns without prejudice. Regardless of your circumstances, you'll receive respectful and dignified support, reflecting KCLSU's commitment to equality and diversity. Any advice you receive is presented in a clear and straightforward manner, ensuring accessibility for all students. 

Assistance Tailored to Your Needs 

During exam season, various challenges may arise, from appeals and extensions to complaints and misconduct procedures. KCLSU Advice is equipped to assist you every step of the way. 


If you believe your assessment was significantly impacted by mitigating circumstances or administrative errors, KCLSU Advice can guide you through the appeals process. 

Misconduct Procedures 

If you are facing allegations of academic misconduct or fitness to practice concerns, KCLSU Advice offers support and representation, helping you navigate complex procedures that can feel daunting and overwhelming to face alone. 

Mitigating Circumstances 

In instances of unforeseen events affecting your academic performance, KCLSU Advice can support you in submitting requests for mitigating circumstances, ensuring that your circumstances are considered by the university.   

With exam season around the corner, remember that you're not alone. Our advice team is here to support you through every twist and turn, offering free, confidential, and impartial assistance tailored to your needs. 


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