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Join KCLSU's Funding and Ratification Committee

Nominations Open: Funding and Ratification Committee 

What does the FAR committee do?

The FAR committee is a group of elected community leaders who make important decisions about how KCLSU funding streams get allocated and decide on the ratification of new group applications. 

Being part of the FAR Committee is a great opportunity to develop important transferable skills and shape activities at KCLSU. You will also receive training for running effective meetings with opportunities to compromise and negotiate, and even the opportunity to become the elected chair for the panel, this is experience you don’t want to miss out on! 

The members will need to attend compulsory panel meetings throughout the year to fulfill their duties. The dates for these meetings are to be confirmed, but if you are interested in hearing more, please reach out to

Who sits on the panel?  

The panel is comprised of nine members with reserved spaces for one student from representing the following categories: activity groups, student media groups, KCL sports clubs, GKT sports clubs, postgraduate students, Black students, LGBTQ+ student, female students and disabled students.  

All members of the panel are current community leaders elected by fellow community leaders (i.e. student group committee members). So, if you were elected as a student leader during KCLSU Elections earlier this year, you have a say in who will represent student groups' interests, whether you nominate yourself or not.

The term of office is one academic year, with all committee places opening for election for the next academic year in the summer term. 

How does the FAR committee election work?  

Nominations are open from 28 June and close on 15 July at 5pm. Click here for the full election timeline. 

The FAR committee elections take place exclusively via the KCLSU Elections website. If you want to stand or vote, you can do it all on this page.  

Any elections conduct is governed by the KCLSU Election Principles:  

  • Elections should be democratic. No one may attempt to undermine the democratic legitimacy of elections. 
  • Elections should be free. Voters must be able to cast their (and no others’) ballot freely, privately and without any interference. 
  • Elections should be fair. No material advantage should be gained unfairly by or for anyone. 
  • Elections activity and campaigning should be conducted with respect towards each other and the locality. 
  • Elections activity and campaigning should enable informative debate and deliberation, and without negative campaigning. 

If you believe any of the above principles have been breached, you have a right to submit a complaint until 24 hours after the close of voting through our KCLSU Elections complaints form.  


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