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KCLSU 2024/25 President Election

The Returning Officer of the KCLSU 2024 Elections (a role that is responsible for managing and declaring the results of the elections and is independent of the Students’ Union) has ruled that Hassan Ali cannot take up office as 2024/25 KCLSU President.

KCLSU held well managed, fair, free and democratic elections in March 2024. As a result of the votes cast at the time, Hassan Ali received the highest number of votes for the KCLSU President position. The results of the votes cast were published publicly on the KCLSU website on 15 March 2024. Although not stated on the website, this result was provisional and not final.

There was an outstanding confidential internal HR matter that needed to be resolved before the Returning Officer could declare the result and formally close the Presidential election. Following the recent completion of this HR matter, the Returning Officer has now decided that Hassan Ali cannot take part in the 2024/25 KCLSU President election.

On instruction of the Returning Officer, Hassan Ali has been removed as a candidate and a recount is being undertaken of the votes cast to determine who has been elected as the 2024/25 KCLSU President.

KCLSU will keep members, the university and other key stakeholders updated on developments as soon as possible.


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