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June Mousewatch Update!

Thu 17 Jun 2021

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Reflection on Chairing The Accountability Panel

Tue 11 May 2021

Sanya Salman tells us their experience as a Chair on the Accountability Panel, a process to hold KCLSU Officers accountable, offering a more transparent and open discussion with King's students.

Quarantine around the world – France

Fri 30 Apr 2021

As part of the Take Time In wellbeing campaign, we asked Jonathan, a student at King's living in France, about his current situation and wellbeing tips.

Black Students Talk - Peer Support Sessions

Thu 29 Apr 2021

Black Students Talk (BST) is a peer support group that provides safe, supportive and therapeutic spaces for Black students to meet, share, learn, and manage our mental health & wellbeing at King’s College London.

Quarantine Around the World - Philippines

Tue 20 Apr 2021

As part of the Take Time well-being campaign, we asked Catherine, a student at King's living in the Philippines, how she's been spending her quarantine.

Hear From our Previous Award Winners

Mon 22 Mar 2021

KCLSU awards

We asked previous winners about their experience receiving an award, why we should celebrate
awards this year and their advice to people who aren’t sure about nominating.

Volunteering with the KCL St John Ambulance Society

Wed 17 Mar 2021

The St John Ambulance Society at King’s attracts people from all different backgrounds. Some are the medical students you would expect to see in a first aid society, while others are humanities students who never so much as considered a role in healthcare. Some have lived in the UK all their lives, while others hail from a diverse range of countries and only just arrived in London. One key motivation unites all our members, however – the desire to help others.

Nazreen Visram

Mon 15 Mar 2021

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Spring Elections

Wed 10 Mar 2021

Women's History Month

Mon 08 Mar 2021

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Mon 08 Mar 2021

International Women's Day - The Portrait of Diane Abbott

Wed 24 Feb 2021

Women's History Month artwork

International Women’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate the inspiring women who have shaped history as we know it and help to advance women's rights. One of the women who has made brilliant contributions to the world of British politcs Diane Abbott a British politician who is the first black woman elected to Parliament, she is also the longest-serving black MP in the House of Commons.

KCLSU Annual Report 2019-20

Tue 02 Feb 2021

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Mousewatch: Merry Mousemas!

Fri 11 Dec 2020

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Exam Period: my five tips for an efficient and self care season as a PG

Thu 10 Dec 2020

If you feel overwelmed by the assignments and exams which are fast approaching, this blog post is for you!

'Speak up and contribute to the discussion' an interview with Medina a Case Panel Voluntee

Wed 18 Nov 2020

Ever wondered what the Case Panel Volunteer Program within KCLSU consists of and what are the advantages? Are you considering sending your application but would like to know more about this new challenge you’re about to take? Good thing, we had the chance to speak with Mediana a third-year student in Philosophy, Politics & Economics at King’s who has shared with us her experience as a Case Panel Volunteer. You can apply here by Friday 20 November!

Wellbeing Week – Four tips for managing your workload

Wed 28 Oct 2020

For Wellbeing Week, one of our Positive Peers shares with us four tips for managing your workload.

Black History Month

Thu 15 Oct 2020

black history month